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January in Ohio


okay, so everyone who lives in Ohio knows that there’s no such thing as consistent weather patterns in this state. and today was deffinately no exception. In the span of maybe 30-35 minutes the weather went from green grass and puddles, to this:

to THIS:

like I said, all within the span of 30-35 minutes.

lol welcome to January in northeast Ohio!

EDIT: Omg Now the sun’s out WTF?!



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I’m getting upset because I keep forcing myself to look through #legalizegaymarriage on twitter! So many ignorant people… Ugh.

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No one can beat Lady Gaga in awesomeness.
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Man I’ve had this blog forever I’ve never used it………okay then
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I voted over 300 times. If Chris doesn’t win this…

I voted over 6000… if he doesn’t win… oh my god…

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